A One-Day, Brand-Led Conference & Networking Exhibition, London, 19 September 2023

Skyrocket Engagement, Enrich Experiences & Prove The Value Of Digital, By Leveraging Customer Data & Insights To Power Holistic End-To-End Journeys. 

Seamless, Insight-Led, Customer-Centric Customer Engagement & Experience Strategies & Innovations

Maximise Customer Insights, Trends & Behaviours ■ Immersive Digital Customer Experiences ■ Next-Level Customer Data Strategies ■ Cutting-Edge AI, Tech & Automation ■ Seamless End-To-End Customer Journeys ■ Omnichannel Customer Engagement ■ Tangible Measurement, Metrics & ROI ■ Human Touch Vs. Digital – The Ongoing Debate ■ Improved Customer Loyalty & Personalisation

08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome

09.10 Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks

Alison Jaap, PayM & Customer Care Director, OVO Energy

Digital Customer Experiences - Double Perspective

    Excite & Delight

09.20 Dominate Digital By Building Meaningful & Immersive Experiences For Your Customers In The Digital Space To Demonstrably Improve Interaction & Customer Engagement

  • From customer satisfaction to customer delight: go above and beyond customer expectations by creating holistic and sensory online experiences which encompasses their needs and builds positive brand associations.
  • Where is digital set to disrupt next? Develop adaptable strategies which suit an ever-changing and unpredictable market in order to build something which will have real, lasting impact on revenue and brand equity.
  • Prepare and overcome! Expect the unexpected when digital infrastructure goes wrong and equip your strategies with quick fixes to provide alternative routes for your customers.

09.20 Perspective 1

Paulette Toynton, Managing Director, Head of Channel Servicing & Customer Care, HSBC

09.40 Perspective 2

Roger Rohatgi, VP, Global Head of Design, bp

Keeping The Human Touch - Panel & Q&A

Digital Vs. Human – The Ongoing Debate

10.00 Provide The Optimal Experience & Appropriate Support For Customers By Striking The Right Balance & Effectively Responding To Their Needs With The Right Channels & Touchpoints

  • Recognise the human on the other side of the screen with enhanced strategies to capture and integrate feedback into the customer journey and decipher the appropriate method of customer contact.
  • Examine the frequency of human contact and where it has been most valuable to your consumers in order to continually adapt and innovate strategies to best suit customers’ needs and satisfy expectations.
  • What takeaways should you be looking for in terms of digital inclusion and a more human-centred approach to your engagement strategies today?
  • Strike the balance by determining the appropriate ratio of human interaction and efficient and effective AI to optimise the best methods of meeting your customers’ needs.

Emma Desena, Head of CX, BrewDog

Lynn Beattie, Director of Technology, B&Q

Britt Ashton, Head of Insight, Royal Mail

Gabriela Gandolfini, Customer Services Director, House of Commons, UK Parliament

Ben Woollard, Head of Banking Operations, Cash & Banking Services, Post Office Ltd

Joe Kessler, Group Transformation Director, Co-op

Catherine Rutter, Director Group Customer Inclusion, Lloyds Banking Group

10.30 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

11.00 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

Customer Data Strategies - Delegate Discussion

       Business Critical Insights

11.30 Leverage Customer Data, Streamline Feedback & Deep Dive Into Segmentation To Drive Improvements, Power Customer Engagement & Enrich Experiences

  • Streamline customer feedback, transactional and behavioural data and action insights for well-informed and data-led decision making for improved strategies which exceed expectations time and time again.


  • Deep dive into the specifics of your customers’ needs with tailored big data strategies which illustrate the voice of the customer and drive high retention rates across the board.


  • Data-driven decisions! Explore real-world examples of data mining and analytics with proven success rates to determine exactly where to invest your time and money today.


  • Develop, build and maintain a relationship of trust with your customers with fresh techniques to keep your customers engaged and loyal to your organisation.

AI, Tech & Automation - Double Perspective

        Cutting-Edge Innovations

11.50 In A Highly-Competitive & Fast-Paced Market Which New Tech, AI & Automation Innovations Will Give Your Business The Edge? Explore The Latest Trends, Opportunities & Challenges In New Tech Adoption To Power Success

  • ChatGPT, Metaverse, Web3 and more! Which emerging tech and AI trends are the most effective for your business and fit best with your customer profiles for informed investment and optimised framework restructuring?


  • What, where, how and when? Uncover the role customers see for automation, when they need it, where they expect to anticipate AI, how they think services could be improved in order to maximise efficiencies.


  • Real-time feedback: leverage AI and chatbots to gain deeper insight into digital customer engagement and deciphering which you can employ to power real-time predictive analytics.


  • Uncover real-world ROI strategies on how to take advantage of AI and automation in its current state, and how it can support other business functions.


  • Can we take it one step further? Go beyond enhancing the customer experience with AI by utilising it to understand the pain points and requirements of customers ahead of time in order to create hyper personalised experiences unique to their requirements.

11.50 Perspective 1

Prof Dr Detlef Nauck, Distinguished Engineer & Head of AI & Data Science Research, BT

12.10 Perspective 2

Scarlett Rhodes, Senior Digital Last Mile & Customer Manager, Co-op

12.30 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners

13.00 Peer To Peer

  1. Accessibility
  2. Digital Design
  3. Chatbots
  4. Cloud
  5. UX

13.30 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks

Phil Quickenden, Head of Customer & Registration Services, London Borough of Camden

Seamless End-To-End Customer Journeys - Panel & Q&A

                      Next Level 

13.40 Effortlessly Map All Customer Touchpoints, Successfully Attribute Levels Of Engagement & Effectively Aggregate Everything Into Your Overall Customer Engagement Strategies For Improved End-To-End Experiences 

  • Develop a complete and holistic customer journey by effectively mapping customer touchpoints and attracting consumers with engaging and seamless contact points.
  • Consistency is key! Create instantly recognisable brand content seamlessly across channels to enhance customer journeys and brand loyalty.
  • Prevent departmental silos: optimise efficiencies by opening inter-departmental channels of communication to create highly proficient back-of-house for seamless front-of-house experiences.
  • What tools and technology are companies effectively using today which demonstrably enhance the customer journey across digital?
  • Unite platforms and channels: identify non-linear journeys by measuring customer pain points and proactively adapting to changes needed to create agile engagement strategies and flawless channel switching.

Aled Pritchard, VP User Experience Design Lead, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Kushla Gopal, Strategy & Performance Lead, Client Journeys, Coutts 

Divya Kerslake, Head of Customer Strategy (Global), Virgin Red

Cam Wilson, Lead Customer Insights Executive, Huel

Gianfranco Cuzziol, Avon International CRM & Personalisation Lead, Natura & Co

Omnichannel Customer Engagement

   Customer-Centric Experiences

14.10 From Multi To Omni! Determine The Best Channel Mix For Your Customers’ Needs & Your Organisations Efficiencies For Guaranteed Increased Engagement Levels & Effortless Experiences

  • Secure optimal omnichannel experiences which balance offline and online channels effortlessly for your customers to create meaningful links between your channel mix.


  • What is the best channel mix for your customer base in order to focus efforts, investment and strategy adaptation for long-lasting results?


  • Test, inform, action, repeat! Ensure your omnichannel customer strategies are designed with the customer at the very centre by measuring impact and actioning feedback into updated strategies.


  • Integrate and empower non-digital natives: enhance outreach methods that include and support vulnerable customers in your network for inclusive customer experiences.

Grace Wilkinson, Head of eCommerce Last Mile & Customer, Co-op

Measurement, Metrics & ROI

                    Prove Value

14.30 Swap Vanity Metrics For Meaningful KPIs Which Prove The Tangible Value Of Your Efforts & Demonstrate Digital ROI With Next-level Measurement & Metrics Tools & Techniques

  • Beyond vanity metrics: determine structured KPIs that accurately move beyond false promises and instead inform detailed customer feedback to facilitate exceptional customer strategies.
  • How do you define real value and how can you really measure the money poured into digital? Develop metrics which capture engagement effectively to create an clear, illustrated picture of your customer needs and desires to maximise loyalty.
  • To invest or not to invest, is this the ongoing question? Uncover proven strategies to best predict and measure the ROI of new tools, tech and systems in order to enhance customer experiences and optimise investment.

James Mitton, Director of Benefits & Credits, HM Revenue & Customs 

14.50 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

15.20 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

Customer Insights, Trends & Behaviours - Panel & Q&A

Industry Benchmarking & Future Visioning!

15.50 Revolutionise Your Customer Experiences & Skyrocket Engagement Rates By Anticipating, Keeping Up With & Maximising The Latest Customer Insights, Trends & Behaviours

  • Prioritise the customer voice with brand new and innovative methods of capturing data and translating insights into actionable strategies which exceed ever-changing customer expectations.
  • Explore new opportunities and deep dive into the trends and behaviours of different demographics today in order to create seamless customer journeys tailored to their needs to grow your customer base.
  • How can you effectively support digital non-natives and vulnerable customers, empowering inclusive customer engagement for all?
  • In a fast-paced, unpredictable and highly-competitive market, stay ahead of the game by scoping out new trends and determining which micro or macro trends are here to stay.
  • Build meaningful and engaging brand experiences across and the physical and digital spaces through unified and connected customer journeys.

Sebastian Huschner, Digital Product Strategy Consultant – Customer Loyalty, Aer Lingus

Mary Burnett, Head of Customer & Analytics, Bank of Ireland UK

Abdul Khaled, Head of Digital Customer Experience, E.ON Next

Bringing Vulnerability To Life

16.20 Case Study

Riffat Tufail, Head of Customer Vulnerability, Standard Life

Customer Loyalty & Personalisation

                         New For 2023

16.40 How Can Loyalty Drive Customer Engagement? Deliver Insight-Driven & Customer-Centric Loyalty Programmes Personalised To Your Customers To Showcase Improved Experiences & Sky-High Engagement Levels

  • Unite in-store and online: identify and cultivate a consistent brand-image across physical and digital spaces by co-ordinating customer relationship strategies across teams.
  • What drives customer loyalty? Exclusive insights and strategies which incorporate VOC into loyalty schemes and match customer’s specific needs to build deeper relationships and power acquisition rates.
  • Cut-through competition in an increasingly competitive market with personalised customer engagement which builds an experience customers keep returning to again and again.
  • Critical questions answered: how can you grow your customer base? How can you retain customers effectively? And how can you take it a step further to generate customer brand advocates?

Gianfranco Cuzziol, Avon International CRM and Personalisation Lead, Natura & Co

17.00 Afternoon Chair’s Closing Remarks

Phil Quickenden, Head of Customer & Registration Services, London Borough of Camden

17.10 Official Close Of Conference