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1 Inspiring Day. 21 Customer Experience Innovators Speaking From Leading Brands

Outstanding, Results-Boosting Customer Experiences & Insight-Led Journeys | Harness The Latest Tools, Technologies & Digital Innovations, Leverage Insight & The Voice Of The Customer From Your Data, Empower Your Employees To Drive A Customer-Centric Culture, Deliver Excellent Frontline Customer Service & Demonstrably Impact The Bottom Line

A Brand-Led, One-Day Conference & Networking Event, 3rd October 2018, Museum of Science & Industry, Central Manchester.

08.30 Registration – Morning Coffee, Interactive Voting & Objective Setting

09.00 GIC Welcome, Interactive Voting Introduction & Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks

Mark Billingham
Group Customer Service Director
Shop Direct


09.20 Maximise Brand Presence, Exposure & Consistency Across Multiple Touchpoints For A Seamless, Reliable, Cross-Channel Experience

  • Guarantee first-rate customer satisfaction by going above and beyond to design amazing customer journeys which consistently leave a positive impression
  • Identify pain points and optimise your touchpoints to enable more journeys through to completion, build customer loyalty and drive repeated business
  • Online, offline, all the time! Ensure you’re on top of all of the possible touchpoints and provide an excellent customer journey, regardless of contact preferences

Anthony Scammell
Strategic Service Development Director
Old Mutual Wealth


09.40 Harness & Exploit Cutting-Edge Tools & Technologies To Demonstrably Impact The Business Bottom Line & Empower Staff To Deliver Optimal Customer Service & Engagement

  • AI, automation, chatbots… we’re all aware of what they can do, but how can organisations actually extract real value from tech to justify the time and money spent?
  • Which horse do you back in regards to all of the hottest new technologies? Tips on maximising the impact of your investments
  • Tomorrow’s tools, today! Retaining a human touch, authenticity and efficiency despite increased automation and new technologies
  • Get a handle on the future of customer experience! How can technology open up new markets, change the way customers interact with organisations and streamline the way we do business?

Dionne Baker
Senior Customer Marketing Manager

Jo Kirkham
Head of Fan Experience
Liverpool Football Club

Robert Chandler
Head of Customer Loyalty


10.10 Tap Into Feedback & The Voice Of The Consumer To Align Your Organisation With The Customer Demands Of Tomorrow & Exceed Expectations At Every Touchpoint

  • Don’t get left behind! Advanced strategies to remain on top of ever changing customer expectations and the new technologies they have access to
  • How can organisations operationally harness the voice of the customer, without strategies getting slowed down or shelved by the C-suite?
  • Enable your surveys to properly listen to the customer voice and ensure you’re getting the feedback that your business needs, without putting words in their mouths
  • Salvage lost loyalty and become a knight in shining armour with advice on responding quickly and efficiently to customer complaints across multiple channels

Philip Purdy
Customer Service Manager Europe

Gavin Holland
Design Manager
Capital One UK

10.50 Informal Networking Break & Morning Refreshments


11.20 Develop An Increased Understanding Of Your Customers & Their Needs With Effective & Cohesive Data & Insight Strategies

  • Make sense of multiple data sources and big data to build an accurate picture of your customers and extract actionable insights into what makes them tick
  • What are the best methods to harness data to improve personalisation and customer satisfaction?
  • How is customer experience set to evolve in regards to GDPR and data privacy laws? Are there still opportunities to differentiate and make a real impact on the customer?

Dionne Baker
Senior Customer Marketing Manager

11.40 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Partner


12.10 Simplify Your Digital Touchpoints With Easy & Efficient Systems & Innovations To Optimise Consumer Experiences

  • Streamline your digital touchpoints to include succinct and engaging content, whilst still providing all of the relevant information
  • Stay agile and strike the right balance with multiple, convenient channels, without simply forcing your customers down your desired path
  • Incorporate the voice of the customer into your user design to minimise click rates and allow for intuitive, seamless experiences
  • What will the future hold for commerce experiences in a customer- focused world dominated by the rise of exponential technologies and how should we be preparing for it?

Paul Kerrison
Enterprise Architect
Travis Perkins

12.30 Lunch & Informal Networking For Delegates, Partners & Speakers

Informal Peer-To-Peer Discussions

13.10 Informal Peer-To-Peer Discussions

A) Coaching & Upskilling

Nick Batt
Head of Customer Experience

B) Personalisation

Isobel Murray
Senior Customer Delight Manager
Bloom & Wild

C) Employee Engagement

Orkid Russell
Social Researcher (Customer Insight)
Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy

D) Vulnerable Customers

E) B2B

13.30 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks

Alan Smith
Head of Customer Experience


13.50 Drive A Positive, Customer-Centric Culture & Empower Employees To Buy Into & Deliver Excellent Customer Experiences

  • Embody an ethos of satisfaction and happiness inside out! Advice on establishing customer-focused values across the entire business to excel on both fronts
  • Get other departments up to speed with the tangible benefits of customer experience to optimise collaborative working and deliver the best possible customer experience
  • Upskill frontline staff to provide authentic feedback and ensure they’re bought into new processes and are passionate about developing customer experience improvements

Chris Larmer
Customer Experience Director, Omni-Channel & Customer Experience
Barclays UK


14.10 Facilitated By:

Louise Locke
Site Leader London Customer Services

Katy Taylor
Group Commercial & Customer Director
The Go-Ahead Group plc

Rachel Collier
Senior Manager – Customer Engagement

Katie Colombus
Assistant Director of Digital, Brand & Engagement

Fiona Nicholls
Customer Capability Manager
National Grid


14.40 Measuring Customer Engagement, Impact & ROI To Drive Continuous Improvement & Prove Departmental Value

  • Produce accurate, speedy and conclusive information to convince senior stakeholders of the monetary value of customer experience
  • Tools, tips and tricks to determine customer experience engagement levels… what has been proven to work and add real, demonstrable value?
  • Calculate the bottom-line impact of customer loyalty and how continued excellent service can maximise engagement and revenue
  • Our survey says… we’re listening! Optimise customer feedback surveys as a final touchpoint to demonstrate to customers that you value their business and input

Ruth Frost
Voice of the Customer - Digital
Virgin Holidays

15.00 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Partner

15.30 Informal Networking Break & Afternoon Refreshments


16.00 Deliver Exceptional & Authentic Customer Service Across All Contact Points To Minimise Discontent & Boost Loyalty

  • Turn those frowns upside down! Deliver exceptional frontline customer contact on all touchpoints, from Twitter to agents to shop floors
  • How can customer experience professionals best support customer contact centres and their operations on the ground?
  • Establish a cohesive and watertight plan in the event of mass disruption to deal with the issues swiftly and minimise customer dissatisfaction
  • Make it personal – walking the tightrope between pushing automation and responding to the customer’s desire to speak to a human agent

Anthony Scammell
Strategic Service Development Director
Old Mutual Wealth


16.20 Earn the right to use the cliché! Get to grips with how leading organisations are genuinely putting their customers at the heart of the business and driving brand engagement at every touchpoint for maximum engagement, loyalty and retention

Jocelyn McConnachie
Director of Customer Experience
National Grid


16.40 It’s not enough just being on all the social channels… how can brands go above and beyond for their customers, harness the true potential of the different channels, deal with customer complaints efficiently and weave that feedback into their social media and customer service strategies?

Richard Lawrence
Deputy Head of Customer Service Operations

17.00 Chair’s Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference